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Success Story - Art Society boosts confidence

Orbit’s employment and skills team helped Daniel to overcome a lack of confidence and social isolation by joining the local Art Society. Creating paintings alongside fellow artists has boosted Daniel’s confidence and enabled him to be much more connected in his community.

"When I’m painting I feel happy, relaxed and I can be myself." - Daniel, Orbit customer, Stratford-upon-Avon

Citizens Advice referred Daniel to the employment support team to help him tackle the difficulties he had communicating with people. He lacked confidence which meant that he’d never worked and had an isolated lifestyle.

After meeting Daniel, employment and skills coach, Pally Sumra, realised that boosting his social wellbeing, connections and confidence was more of a priority than seeking work. Having found out that he was an extremely talented artist, Pally encouraged Daniel to join the Stratford Art Society.

He had previously displayed his paintings at a local church and café, where he enjoyed speaking to people about what inspired his work. The Art Society gave Daniel a fresh and empowering way to engage through his art.

"The Art Society gives me the opportunity to meet other artists and talk about our art. If I find the right person to talk to, it enhances my experience and helps my work," he said.

Daniel's involvement in the Society gets him outside his home and meeting new people. He takes part in regular Society trips to the countryside to paint and hopes to travel further afield with other members to galleries and exhibitions.

Pally is delighted by the impact of his support for Daniel. "I hoped that giving Daniel the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people at the Art Society would benefit him in lots of ways. It's wonderful and very rewarding to see him getting so involved with the Society meetings and hearing him say how positively this has helped him," he said.

If you feel that one of our grants could help you, just like Daniel, then contact the advice services or employment support team to find out betterdays.orbit.org.uk/help/employment-matters


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