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Brian Griffiths' Award

Brian Griffiths' Award

The Brian Griffiths Award was established in memory of the late Brian Griffiths, a former Orbit Board member and Chartered Institute of Housing President, who dedicated his life to helping others. In his honour, this annual award celebrates tenant engagement and involvement with Orbit services which have led to transformational change for the customer. This category is for customers who have transformed their lives and exceeded all expectations - we were truly inspired by all of the entries. 

Over 980 votes were cast in this category, and we’re pleased to announce that the votes have been counted and verified. 

The winner of The Thriving Communities Brian Griffiths' Award 2020 is…  

Nina Starr

Brian’s family congratulated this year’s winner, Nina Starr:

"Brian was always ready to recognise and encourage the efforts of those who worked to better their lives, their family's lives and the lives of those in their communities, especially in their toughest moments.  He would have been extremely impressed with each of the nominees for this year's award. In a year where so many are suffering the effects of coronavirus the stories of the candidates provide beacons of hope and inspiration to everyone. Our family are, as always, so thankful to Orbit for the creation of this award and are delighted that the nominees are each so remarkable and deserving of the prize.  We are sorry that we won't be able to meet face-to-face at an award ceremony this year but hope that we will have the chance to meet in person in the future.  Congratulations to you all and especially to Nina.”

You can see Nina receiving her prize in the video below:

Nina was nominated by one of our Tenancy Coaches - the reason for her nomination can be found below:

Nina is a single mum, her daughter's father passed away in September 2019. She gave up work when her daughter was born, and now an Orbit employment and skills coach has been working with her on what the future could look like:

"She came to me with the brilliant idea of selling pre-labelled jars and home storage solutions. She wanted to become self-employed because this gave her the freedom to be there for her daughter whilst also being a role model to her. 

Since then, she has turned her creativity and time in lockdown into something amazing. She has been making face masks, with 3 layers of material, a nose mould and extendable ear straps. She has made these and given them out for free to her local care home, GP surgery and her daughter's nursery - giving away around 80 so far!

She and I are now working on her having 2 elements to the business - the pre-­labelled products and the face masks and she even has ideas to personalise them without compromising the fabric! She will be self-employed very soon and will be successful for sure!"