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Better Days Award

Better Days Award

Better Days is a key strand of our social purpose initiative, supporting thousands of our customers every year to help stabilise their situations and provide them the tools to move forward. Better Days supports our customers to find work, improve their digital skills, their finances and their overall well-being. We received a number of incredibly inspiring entries this year, as one would expect, as this category recognises a community group or individual, who has shown outstanding passion and enthusiasm, through development of local services that have supported Orbit customers to thrive.

Over 1,600 votes were cast in this category, and we’re pleased to announce that the votes have been counted and verified. 

The winner of The Thriving Communities Better Days Award 2020 is… 

Geoff, Pathways Care Farm

David Glover, member of our Customers and Communities Board, commented, “Our Thriving Communities Better Days Award recognises the dedication, encouragement and enrichment portrayed by these very special people who go that extra mile to serve and support the communities in which they live and work. This year, due to coronavirus, there have been extra challenges which have been faced; the people nominated for this award are exemplary and the dedication they have shown by not only doing what they do best, but also additional outreach activities, needs to be specially recognised. To all of our nominees of the Better Days Award - you are inspirational individuals, you are a credit to the community you serve and for that we say ‘Thank you’. Sadly, due to the current situation you cannot be thanked personally this year, however I would like to offer a most hearty congratulations to you all and especially to our Better Days Award winner, Geoff. Continue what you are doing, your communities need you and are better places for your dedication and commitment.” 

We visited Geoff to present his award. You can watch his reaction in the video below!

Geoff and the whole team at Pathways were nominated by Emily Krich, Placemaking and Partnerships Manager for the East. Her nomination submission can be found below:

Pathways Care Farm enables Orbit customers and members of Suffolk or the wider community to find their 'safe place'. Every person who attends the Pathways project is treated as an individual and we have been stunned by their dedication to community cohesion and equality.

Using innovative methods, they have found a way to continue to support people to attend the farm throughout the coronavirus crisis - proving to be a lifeline to those who were facing relapse into social isolation and exclusion.

Pathways have also been posting regular videos on social media with updates from the farm and animals for those who are unable to attend whilst shielding, making sure everyone has the chance to be involved.

Pathways also run a carpentry workshop for ex-offenders which has had great outcomes and continued success, and they also support people from across the community with mental health issues, learning disabilities and dementia, allowing them to access this wonderful open space and experience a sense of achievement.

A young person who suffered with severe depression before engaging with Pathways provided this quote: "Geoff and the team at Pathways have saved my life."