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Changes in relationships

Whether you are planning to live with your partner, or have decided to go your separate ways, be aware of the ways these changes in circumstances can affect benefits entitlements.

You can find an A-Z of information about legal requirements and other topics about marriage, civil partnerships and divorce on the Gov.uk website.

If you are planning to live with you partner, use a benefits calculator or seek advice about how your benefits entitlements may change when claiming as a couple. This will help you budget for household costs and living expenses.

Benefits and changes in circumstances

You must notify the Department for Work and Pensions, the Tax Credit Office and your local authority about any change in your circumstances that could affect benefits you or your partner are receiving. The links below will help you find the contact information you need:

You can also find more information about which benefits may be affected by relationship changes on the Turn2us website.

Notifying other services

You should also notify the following organisations if your relationship has ended:

  • Your landlord (if applicable). You can contact Orbit online or by phone.
  • Bank or building society if you have accounts or other agreements in joint names.
  • Loan/credit agreement providers where loans or credit agreements have been taken out in joint names.
  • Utility providers, such as gas and electricity, if your partner is a joint utility account holder.
  • Insurance policies where they are held in joint names.
  • Other relevant services, such as GP surgeries, dentists and schools.

Looking after you and your family

Whether you are planning to live with your partner or ending a relationship and care of children or other dependents is involved, it's important to seek further advice. Citizens Advice provides guidance covering a wide range of issues affecting families.

If you and your partner want more help about addressing issues in your relationship, Relate offers a wide range of advice and support.

If your are at risk of domestic violence, or are fleeing domestic abuse, you can contact Victim Support and find more information from Orbit.


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