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If you have suffered the loss of a family member, dealing with the legal and financial implications can be an unwelcome burden. The guide below outlines the priority services that will need information and suggests sources of support.

Certificates and notifications

The Gov.uk website provides a step by step guide to register a death. The following need to be addressed in the first few days after the death:

  • Get a medical certificate from a GP or hospital doctor. You’ll need this to register the death.
  • Register the death within 5 days. You’ll then get the documents you need for the funeral.
  • Arrange the funeral - you can use a funeral director or arrange it yourself.

The guide on the Gov.uk website includes an option to 'Tell us once', a service that can notify several Government services at the same time, reducing the number of organisations you need to contact.

You local council may also provide additional information and services. You can find bereavement information using the postcode search tool on the Gov.uk website.

Financial support

If the bereavement financially affects you or your family, you may be able to receive help to cover essential expenses and loss of income from a partner.

The Gov.uk website provides information about how tax, benefits and pensions entitlements may change and additional support that can be applied for following the death of a spouse.

If you are struggling to cover essential household costs and living expenses following the death of a family member, Orbit may be able to help through our team of money advisers and access to grants. Contact us and an adviser will get back to you to discuss your needs.

Support for you and your family

Dealing with the a bereavement will affect those around them in different ways. If you, or someone you know, wants help and support you can contact the following organisations.

Cruse Bereavement Care provides advice and support to children, young people and adults. They also provide the Hope Again website specifically aimed at children and young people.

Orbit works with local organisations in many areas to provide support and to reduce loneliness and isolation. Contact us if you'd like more information about services near you.

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